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OKAY! Three days later, I'm finally going to post about Panic! at the Disco and Patrick and Foxy Shazam from Halloween. Seriously, this show was the most ridiculous and amazing thing ever. I already posted a really rambly thing on my Tumblr that I'm basically just going to c/p into this with added pictures.

The post is pretty image heavy behind the cuts so, just be aware of that. I tried to get rid of the really shitty pics but I'm not claiming my abilities as a photographer don't equate to something similar to my seven-year-old nephew's abilities to write a sonnet. Also, I tried to keep them in order, but I was alternating using my phone and camera so I make no promises. (Also, if I have your M&G pic, and you haven't gotten it yet, yell at me and I'll send you the link)

Okay. For anyone who follows me on Twitter, I’m almost sorry I bombarded you livetweeting the whole thing. But it was AWESOME.

-Met up with other girls from the internets ([ profile] zeenell, [ profile] sansets, [ profile] osaraba, and other people I can't remember the LJ names for atm). Waited in line for Zack to shuffle us all along for M&G. The “Don’t be Creepy Speech” has gotten shorter, I think. And it still amazes me that some of that stuff NEEDS to be said.

-So the boys came out in costume, as you do (unless you're lame like me and can't be bothered to put in the effort to wear a costume). Brendon was Jesus. Spencer was Ron Burgundy and didn’t have pants. Dallon was the most hilarious and was in character as “Eric [lead singer of Foxy]’s dad.” Ian was Hit Girl… There was a wig and a skirt. Tell me those costumes were not awesome; I dare you.

-In case you’ve somehow managed to miss it, here’s the pic from M&G. I look like an idiot, but it's cool; I've looked worse.

-We went up to the balcony because we knew the view was awesome and I’ve done the pit thing for a Panic show before so whatever. My pictures are probably shit because of it, but I don’t really care all that much.

-Zack happened by while [ profile] sansets was EXPLAINING that “Spencer Smith has no pants; Spencer Smith needs no pants. Like Gondor.” Clearly, he didn’t understand, which sucks since we were totally blocking the path he was trying to take. He ran away after that; I don’t blame him. hahaha

-9:30 Club’s drinks continue to be pricey but worth it for the amount of alcohol in them. I love being legal.

-There was a costume contest. The girls who won were dressed as extras from the video for “Lying is the Most Fun….” They actually had mock fishtanks on their heads and braved the pit. That’s dedication; I cheered loudest for them (and Boy George).

-Foxy Shazam is insane and hilarious for about two songs. Then they sort of lose the shock value and I lose interest. Nice energy though.

-Foxy has a trumpeter (is that the right term?) and that makes up for almost everything! Also, their keyboardist may well be magic.

-PATRICK STUMP IS AN ADORABLE MUSICAL GENIUS. He played a baby trumpet. And drums. And guitar. Oh and the SINGING.

-“Whatever’s on my face tastes really bad.” - Patrick

-“No! Don’t ‘aww.’ I’m an idiot.” Patrick re: putting baking soda on his face to look like a zombie

-PATRICK WAS A DEVIL. And was concerned about his horns! THEY PLAYED THE GHOSTBUSTERS THEME. (those two are not related but whatever)

-Also, they played Phil Collins. I still don’t know if the puppies knew more than the chorus, but rock on, PStump.

-Patrick somehow manages to be sassier than Gerard Way. Did not know this was possible… I approve.

-He played “Allie” and “Run Dry” which were the ones I really wanted to hear (especially “Allie”)

-Panic played in costume. Just like everyone, actually. Brendon disrobed and proceeded to play the whole show shirtless. Spencer continued to be Ron Burgundy and not wear pants. I don’t even LIKE Anchor Man very well and I thought it was ridiculous and awesome.

-“Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It’s the only day Spencer gets naked for me.” -Brendon Clearly, Bden in wise.

-“Members of the congregation, let us bow our heads and pray. Dear Heavenly Father… Shut the fuck up and let me do my job!" - Brendon Seriously, I adore this kid. ALL THE HILARIOUS.

-They played “Carry on, Wayward Son” because they should just cover Kansas ALL the time (Also, changed the intro to “Carry on my only son” because Brendon was Jesus, you know)

- “I hope Jesus was a stoner.” -Brendon re: “That Green Gentleman”

-“Let’s Get it On” cover (sorta) sang mostly toward Spencer and then seriously and hilariously improv’ed.

-Brendon became Dirty!Jesus and went on a tangent about fucking everyone in his dreams and a bear rug (I blame Pete Wentz for that, ideky). And “I want to take you to church and fuck you in a pew” or something to that general effect. Followed by something about Jesus masturbating. I don’t pretend to know, but I was laughing so hard I couldn't see straight for a few minutes.

-Brendon re: “New Perspective” for Jennifer’s Body: “All they could tell us was this scene where Amanda and Megan make out in one of their bedrooms. So we’re like ‘Okay, cool. We have a song about blow jobs.’” That little spiel will never not be funny, I don’t even care how many times I hear a variation of it.

-Ian all over the stage, shredding like the hot ass he is. Seriously, I love this kid and the way he plays!!!

-Dallon continued to be hilarious and a troll. (And fucking gorgeous, as always, especially when he lost the wig)

-Eric from Foxy came out with devil horns at one point while Dallon was off stage, I'm not sure how many people noticed. Their banter was adorable. Dallon's impression of Eric's voice is pretty spot on (so is Brendon's, for that matter).

-Spencer wasn’t wearing pants. Do I need to go on? Okay, he continues to be my favorite drummer because he just looks amazing behind a kit. And he was all smiles all around and may or may not have been a little drunk. Whatever, he was smiling and banging the shit out of some drums. This is why he's my favorite.

-Brendon tossed pita bread to the crowd as sacrament (because if you’re going to do blasphemy, you don’t half ass it!).

-People who try to mosh to Panic! amuse me greatly. There was a moshing/crowd surfing penguin. He has altered my view of penguins permanently, but he looked like he was having a great time, so power to you, dudebro.

-They also covered “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by The Darkness (which I’m SO GLAD they’re still doing) and “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People (which is the one that won the vote, apparently). I’m really surprised by how amazing Brendon sounded during that one, actually. I’d only heard a couple Foster the People songs (literally, I have heard two), and I wasn’t sure how Brendon was going to sound doing it… IDK why I doubted him. Kid has serious skills.

Then my camera completely died and my phone decided it had enough battery to tweet but not take pictures. Which is cool, it was the end anyway.

So, that's all I remember and is in no particular order. I have these weird concert blackouts where I forget everything about 15 minutes after I walk out the door, even when completely sober. Tweeting seemed to help, so there's that.

I feel ridiculously accomplished for actually remembering to post about a show. Maybe one day I'll post Travie, Black cards, MCR, Blink, and GCH pics. Probably not, but don't burst my bubble.

I should go do real work now...or at least fake it a little better.

LOVE! Hopefully, I'll remember to be around LJ more often. ♥
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