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Well, I haven't spent much time on LJ or DW in... I don't know how long. It's kind of sad that the thing that brings me back is because I need to rant and I don't want to take it to Tumblr.

MCR is over. I can't say I've been there since the beginning. I was limited in my musical depth until Blink 182 somehow led me to FOB who led to Panic! and so many other bands, but even then, I held some weird distinction where MCR was not my thing until I got pulled - kicking and screaming and backwards - into bandom and fell a little bit in love with Frank Iero and his stupid fucking giggle. MCR was a recent thing, compared to Panic!, FOB, and Blink. I still adore them though. I'm glad I got to see them, more than once. MCR led to me meeting so many fantastic people in person (including one of my very closest friends in the entire world chellealistic [LJ]). For that alone, I'm always going to be thankful. Maybe that's why it's so upsetting. It's the memories.

It's always the memories that get you, in the end.

It feels like a PERSONAL break up. I remember it feeling this way when Blink 182 broke up (when we all couldn't dare to hope they would mend those fences), when FOB went on "indefinite hiatus" (when we all assumed that was them pandering to us and trying to avoid backlash by using the term "break up"), when Panic! split in two (when Brendon and Spencer were struggling so much with an album that we all started to doubt they'd ever finish and worried the short-lived TYV would be the only thing left from the divorce), and when TAI disbanded (when William going solo was never a guarantee).

It felt exactly like this. But we all got through it. There were tears and moments of weirdly acute sadness. There were discussions of how we'd never find music we liked again, how we'd never connect that wholly with another band. Maybe we didn't, not really, and maybe we won't. Maybe we'll always have old albums and concert stories that stand out as some of the greatest things we've ever experienced. Maybe we'll move on to fun. and Neon Trees, The Lumineers and Cartel and love them and everything about them, but hold a place of sadness about what used to be, about MCR and the glory days of old.

Maybe this will be a Blink 182 situation, and one day, they'll be back. Out of no where we'll have rumors of a reunion and a twitter announcement that they're trying but no promises. Maybe we'll have kids who will be into annoying pop psuedo-bands who will mock us for going to a reunion show and acting like teenagers for a band that meant so much to us but championed the title "emo" like a badge before "hipster" was a thing and those kids were even born.

Probably, we'll move on, in that way you always move on when someone you loved walks out of your life. It will always be there, but the pain will slide into fond nostalgia. We'll get there. Some day. It is not this day, but I promise you, the whole fandom will get there.

It may be a cliche but: Keep running; We'll carry on.
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Title: Void & Null
Author: [ profile] bootson
Bands: P!atd, MCR (TAI, Travie, CS, mentions of/appearances by nearly everyone else)
Pairings: Bob/Brendon/Spencer and permutations thereof (implied Bill/Travie, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey, others)
Word Count: 39,891
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; Slavery, discussions of sex slavery (non-explicit), past physical and metal abuse, polyamory, swearing, sex (mild biting, facials, barebacking)
Summary: Six months after Brendon somehow managed to convince his new owner, Baronet Beckett, and household manager McCoy to rescue (read: buy) Spencer from a traveling sales house, Spencer is still trying to remember how "calm" and unobtrusive everyne is. It's a daily struggle that Spencer usually loses, but it's getting harder to stay guarded around this bunch, especially when they've taken to pandering to Brendon's whims and Bob's become some sort of stoic personal guard. Still yet, Spencer can't shake the lessons experience has taught him or the painful reminder that Ryan and Jon are still lost somewhere, possibly too far away to be found.

Author's Notes: This is technically a sequel to In The Back of Your Head (word count: ~10K), but you shouldn't need to read that to understand everything in this. Title is from "Void & Null" by The Pretty Reckless.

My eternal gratitude goes to [ profile] pikasafire for being the only reason the prequel exists, going through this more than once to make it a million times better, and listening to me ramble about this 'verse way more than necessary. My heart goes to [ profile] auctorial for not trying to kill me for my hatred of commas and also flailing enough that I didn't decide to scrap the entire thing. My darling [ profile] chellealistic gets a huge "thank you" for trying to beta even though she knows next to nothing about the boys. Also, [ profile] dr_jasley deserves internet hugs for listening to me ramble on and on even though she actually has no idea what happens in this fic. I'm sure I've forgotten someone who was very important during this whole process; so if I've forgotten you, I'm sorry and I still love you to pieces!
Plus, a huge "thanks" to my mixers ([ profile] stardustonsable and [ profile] cincodemaygirl) and artist ([ profile] asmallbluedot) for creating some of the most amazing things ever to exist! They deserve all the praise the internet has to offer! Finally, lots of love to the [ profile] bandombigbang mods for pulling this together, being organized, and their general awesome-ness.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Artwork by [ profile] asmallbluedot

Fanmix 1 by [ profile] stardustonsable
Fanmix 2 by [ profile] cincodemaygirl
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OMG YOU GUYS. My Chemical Romance last night!!!! I'm STILL INCOHERNET WITH GLEE!!!!!!!

This should be a review but is really just a ramble. Cut for my non-bandom FList kids. You're welcome. )

Miz put the set-list on my phone and I promised I'd post it. I meant to earlier, but I LITERALLY just got home from Placement/Work.

Set List )

Most incoherent ramble ever. Seriously, track down someone else who went if you want to ACTUALLY know how it was.
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Title: The Downside to Elf Revolutions
Fandom: Bandom
Characters: bb!Gerard and bb!Mikey
Rating: so very G
Warnings: Other than eight-year-old angst and overuse of the word "stupid", nothing.
Summary: Mikey gets Gerard's present at Christmas and the world is ending.
Word count: ~500 words
Disclaimer: Blatant, bold-faced lies.
AN: I KNOW I missed Christmas but I've had this idea floating around in my head since before then and never got the chance to write it so I kind of accidentally did tonight. IDK. As [ profile] pikasafire said "there should be SO MUCH MORE bb!Ways fic". I'm inclined to agree so...Happy late Christmas.

Frankly, Gerard wanted to write a letter to Santa to let him know one of the elves was slacking off on his job. )


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