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Well, I haven't spent much time on LJ or DW in... I don't know how long. It's kind of sad that the thing that brings me back is because I need to rant and I don't want to take it to Tumblr.

MCR is over. I can't say I've been there since the beginning. I was limited in my musical depth until Blink 182 somehow led me to FOB who led to Panic! and so many other bands, but even then, I held some weird distinction where MCR was not my thing until I got pulled - kicking and screaming and backwards - into bandom and fell a little bit in love with Frank Iero and his stupid fucking giggle. MCR was a recent thing, compared to Panic!, FOB, and Blink. I still adore them though. I'm glad I got to see them, more than once. MCR led to me meeting so many fantastic people in person (including one of my very closest friends in the entire world chellealistic [LJ]). For that alone, I'm always going to be thankful. Maybe that's why it's so upsetting. It's the memories.

It's always the memories that get you, in the end.

It feels like a PERSONAL break up. I remember it feeling this way when Blink 182 broke up (when we all couldn't dare to hope they would mend those fences), when FOB went on "indefinite hiatus" (when we all assumed that was them pandering to us and trying to avoid backlash by using the term "break up"), when Panic! split in two (when Brendon and Spencer were struggling so much with an album that we all started to doubt they'd ever finish and worried the short-lived TYV would be the only thing left from the divorce), and when TAI disbanded (when William going solo was never a guarantee).

It felt exactly like this. But we all got through it. There were tears and moments of weirdly acute sadness. There were discussions of how we'd never find music we liked again, how we'd never connect that wholly with another band. Maybe we didn't, not really, and maybe we won't. Maybe we'll always have old albums and concert stories that stand out as some of the greatest things we've ever experienced. Maybe we'll move on to fun. and Neon Trees, The Lumineers and Cartel and love them and everything about them, but hold a place of sadness about what used to be, about MCR and the glory days of old.

Maybe this will be a Blink 182 situation, and one day, they'll be back. Out of no where we'll have rumors of a reunion and a twitter announcement that they're trying but no promises. Maybe we'll have kids who will be into annoying pop psuedo-bands who will mock us for going to a reunion show and acting like teenagers for a band that meant so much to us but championed the title "emo" like a badge before "hipster" was a thing and those kids were even born.

Probably, we'll move on, in that way you always move on when someone you loved walks out of your life. It will always be there, but the pain will slide into fond nostalgia. We'll get there. Some day. It is not this day, but I promise you, the whole fandom will get there.

It may be a cliche but: Keep running; We'll carry on.
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MERRY CHRISTMAS [ profile] theletterelle

Title: Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned Teaching Kindergarten
Pairing: Gen with hints of pre-Gerard/Frank
Rating: So very G
Warnings: Crying children, if you want to be warned for that.
Summary: The last day before Christmas Break should be easy for Gerard and his teacher’s aide, Frank. Teaching kindergarten, though, means never having a dull day. It wouldn’t be Gerard’s classroom if Victoria wasn’t biting Gabe, William and Adam weren’t trying to steal Ryland, Greta and Lindsey weren’t hording crayons, and Brendon wasn’t crying while Spencer glared at everyone.
Word Count: ~3,200
Disclaimer: I deal in lies.
AN: For [ profile] theletterelle as a Christmas present! She wanted bandom in kindergarten, which is the most adorable thing EVER. I hope you like it, bb! <3 [ profile] saxihighlandck helped me with a title, because she can work wonders.

Oh, God. Victoria bit Gabe again. )
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There's a Bandom Voice Meme thing happening (which I'm still in the process of listening to). I have no willpower and also nothing to do with my time so. Yay voicepost!

So I've realized I talk really quickly and ramble about randomness and say "um" and "excited" a lot. I'm not very shocked by this... so okay! Questions:

Think of this as a template. If you want to skip a question, go ahead. If you want to add your own questions or just ramble on about bandom or fanfiction, feel free! Just do a podcast or a voice post or whatever you can to get your voice on the internets for all of us to hear.

1. What's your username and is there a story behind it?
2. Where are you from and where do you live now?
3. What are you wearing? Yes, I am hitting on you.
4. How long have you been in bandom? How did you get into it?
5. Which bands are your favorites?
6. Which band members are your favorites?
7. Have you seen any of them in concert? Any fun stories or memories to share?
8. Do you have an OTP? What is it, and why do you love it?
9. What story do you wish someone would write?
10. Are you working on something for bandom right now? Tell us a little bit about it.
11. You've got fic open somewhere on your computer right now, don't lie. So go to one of your open tabs or word documents or whatever, and read us a couple of lines.
12. Say these words: Iero, haberdashery, LOLcat, flist, dirigible, halcyon, nemesis, ephemeral, languorous.

Bandom voice meme by chrssytna

Right so. I think I may have randomly developed a stutter somewhere in there. Whatever. All the love!

There we are <3
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Title: Iron the Kinks Out
Series: This is What's Left
Pairing: Brendon/Mikey
[ profile] hc_bingo prompt: Mind control/possession
Summary: Brendon's almost used to having someone else taking over part of his mind.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Telepathy, unintentional mindlinking, mentions of unethical scientific experimentation, there is no actual kink in this (contrary to what the title may suggest)
Word Count: ~1200
Disclaimer: Know nothing. Own nothing.
Author's Notes: Stand alone continuation of the This is What's Left 'verse shared with [ profile] dr_jasley. This one is in Brendon's POV. All you NEED to know is that this is a futuristic AU in which Mikey and Brendon have been kidnapped by alien (Udonian) researchers.

Waiting for the Burn Out (Mikey's POV)
A Shadow of Hope (Gerard's version of Waiting by [ profile] dr_jasley
Reach Out, Scream Out (Mikey's POV)
All Washed Out (Mikey's POV)

Iron the Kinks Out )
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Title: All Washed Out
Series: This is What's Left
Pairing: pre-Brendon/Mikey
[ profile] hc_bingo prompt: Headaches/Migraines
Summary: Sooner or later, the roaring hellfire living in the center of Mikey’s brain was going to melt his skull from the inside out.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Physical headaches, unintentional mindlinking, side effects of scientific experimentation, imprisonment
Word Count: 1045
Disclaimer: Know nothing. Own nothing.
Author's Notes: This is the stand alone next part to the This is What's Left series shared with [ profile] dr_jasley. All you need to know is that this is a futuristic AU in which Mikey has been kidnapped by alien (Udonian) researchers.

Waiting for the Burn Out
A Shadow of Hope (Gerard's version of Waiting for the Burn Out by [ profile] dr_jasley
Reach Out, Scream Out

All Washed Out )
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(I stole this from [ profile] dr_jasley)

Give me one of my fics, and I'll give you three details that didn't make it into the fic. Background canon, deleted scenes, or a look into the future. If you have a specific question, feel free to ask!

This includes anything on my masterlist.
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Title: Reach out, Scream Out
Series: This is What's Left
Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco)
Pairing: pre- Brendon/Mikey
[ profile] hc_bingo prompt: Mutation
Summary: Nothing made the throbbing, pulling, stabbing sensations in his brain cease. Nothing even toned it down.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: alien abductions, physical pain, mental pain, scientific experiments
Word Count: ~1000
Disclaimer: Don't know. Don't own. I deal in lies.
Author's Notes: This should stand alone just fine, but is technically Part 2 of the This is What's Left 'verse shared with [ profile] dr_jasley. This follows Waiting for the Burn Out (Mikey's POV) and A Shadow of Hope (Gerard's POV of Waiting for the Burn Out).

Nothing made sense. )
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Title: Public Opinion
Fandom: Bandom (Panic! at the Disco)
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer (fake Brendon/Dallon and Ian/Spencer)
Summary: Ian and Spencer bet Brendon and Dallon can’t convince people they’re a couple outside of shows and vice versa. They all lose.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Word Count: ~4000
Disclaimer: I know nothing. I deal in lies.
Author’s Notes: This is for [ profile] patdla190’s prompt at Pretend Dating Fesitival.

Challenge Accepted! )
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Guy guys! I'm still all spazzy hyper because I'm officially finished with my summer classes and placement. Yay me! And I refused to go to work today because this is the last week where I get to really just show up and do what I want (plus, I have to fucking clean the office. Our office is a distaster. I'm putting it off as long as possible). So I'm just randomly clicking around LJ, as you do. And yay a Bandon Pretend Dating Festival!

Like I don't have enough things I'm TRYING and mostly failing to write right now (the series thing I'm doing for [ profile] hc_bingo fills, [ profile] horrorbigbang, [ profile] zombiebang, probably something I've also FORGOTTEN that I'm working on...) Anyway look:

Bandom Pretend Dating Festival!

Also on LJ

Seriously, how is that not the best thing ever?! No seriously. Best ever. If you guys hadn't seen it yet (which you prob have), you should go look at it. I'm going back to avoiding all the things I SHOULD be doing by writing fic.
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I was going to do this yesterday but I got my hair done. Freaked out a little bit over it. Hung out with my bff until like 2 am. It was a good time. Anyway.

So, a week or whatever ago, [ profile] turps33 ran a Bandom Kisses Meme. I don't actually know turps, but everyone was raving about it (and everyone always talks about her level of epic awesome, which I totally agree with) so I checked it out. That ended with me filling two prompts. I was working on a third then I lost it somewhere. Here are the two I actually wrote so I don't end up losing those, too. I also need to archive everything over at AO3 but I'm lazy. Plus, I want to spend the day trying to write part of an awesome 'verse [ profile] dr_jasley and I have been bouncing around ideas for. I need to go catch up on my flist now... Sorry guys! IDK why I'm so spastic lately. >.> I love you all and hope everything is going well.

And, here are some drabbles. Apparently, I really liked the image of Brendon straddling people that day. Don't judge me.

Title: Staged
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating/Warnings: uh. IDK. I'm just calling it PG
Summary/Prompt: Pretend (or imaginary) kisses
Wordcount: 417
Disclaimer: I deal in lies.
AN: This one is a lot more angsty than I actually intended it to be, I think. I really want to turn this into a full length fic at some point. This was prompted by [ profile] omens

A party trick they'd picked up in high school to get the attention of girls who liked that whole emo-boys-kissing scene )

Title: See You
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Brendon/Mikey
Rating/Warnings: PG or something
Summary/Prompt: Something happy and ridiculous
Wordcount: 428
Disclaimer: I deal in lies.
AN: I'm still not entirely sure how well I write Mikey. I think this is cute anyway. This was for [ profile] dr_jasley.

Seriously, what kind of person plays anything by Katy Perry before noon? )
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Title: What Do You Do?
Fandom: STXI RPF/Bandom
Pairing: Chris Pine/Nate Novarro (I DON'T EVEN KNOW, you guys) Unrequited?- Nate/Suarez
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Uh. Alcohol, bathroom sex, there is absolutely no reason given for why they are even in the same place at the same time.
Summary: After parties bore Chris to tears and Nate's snippy with enough unresolved sexual tension to keep Chris entertained.
Disclaimer: I know nothing, I own nothing, this SERIOUSLY never happened.
AN: So. This happened because [ profile] flavouredice and I somehow got on the topic of Chris/Nate about a million years ago. Then I wrote comment!fic which I showed [ profile] pikasafire many months after the fact but many months before now. Then I get on LJ and see [ profile] pikasafire's Pinto Party post. Somehow, that turned in to me actually "finishing" this. This is set at some random afterparty for some random event; I don't pretend to know what but we'll say something related to MTV or whatever. *hands* I never claimed that this was even the least bit plausible. I just finished it about 20 minutes ago and gave it one quick read through so if there are seriously glaring errors, blame the sleep deprivation or something. So... onwards.

What, like as a hobby? )
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Title: Void & Null
Author: [ profile] bootson
Bands: P!atd, MCR (TAI, Travie, CS, mentions of/appearances by nearly everyone else)
Pairings: Bob/Brendon/Spencer and permutations thereof (implied Bill/Travie, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Mikey, others)
Word Count: 39,891
Rating/Warnings: NC-17; Slavery, discussions of sex slavery (non-explicit), past physical and metal abuse, polyamory, swearing, sex (mild biting, facials, barebacking)
Summary: Six months after Brendon somehow managed to convince his new owner, Baronet Beckett, and household manager McCoy to rescue (read: buy) Spencer from a traveling sales house, Spencer is still trying to remember how "calm" and unobtrusive everyne is. It's a daily struggle that Spencer usually loses, but it's getting harder to stay guarded around this bunch, especially when they've taken to pandering to Brendon's whims and Bob's become some sort of stoic personal guard. Still yet, Spencer can't shake the lessons experience has taught him or the painful reminder that Ryan and Jon are still lost somewhere, possibly too far away to be found.

Author's Notes: This is technically a sequel to In The Back of Your Head (word count: ~10K), but you shouldn't need to read that to understand everything in this. Title is from "Void & Null" by The Pretty Reckless.

My eternal gratitude goes to [ profile] pikasafire for being the only reason the prequel exists, going through this more than once to make it a million times better, and listening to me ramble about this 'verse way more than necessary. My heart goes to [ profile] auctorial for not trying to kill me for my hatred of commas and also flailing enough that I didn't decide to scrap the entire thing. My darling [ profile] chellealistic gets a huge "thank you" for trying to beta even though she knows next to nothing about the boys. Also, [ profile] dr_jasley deserves internet hugs for listening to me ramble on and on even though she actually has no idea what happens in this fic. I'm sure I've forgotten someone who was very important during this whole process; so if I've forgotten you, I'm sorry and I still love you to pieces!
Plus, a huge "thanks" to my mixers ([ profile] stardustonsable and [ profile] cincodemaygirl) and artist ([ profile] asmallbluedot) for creating some of the most amazing things ever to exist! They deserve all the praise the internet has to offer! Finally, lots of love to the [ profile] bandombigbang mods for pulling this together, being organized, and their general awesome-ness.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

Bonus Tracks/Enhanced Content

Artwork by [ profile] asmallbluedot

Fanmix 1 by [ profile] stardustonsable
Fanmix 2 by [ profile] cincodemaygirl
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So I picked [ profile] pikasafire at the airport then we drove to Pittsburgh...where we promptly got LOST and could SEE the hotel but had no idea how to get to it. But we finally made it! And it's WAY nicer than anything we need but whatever.

Then we went to some random place for dinner where I hardly ate anything from heat, not eating all day, or nerves (probably nerves). Then we headed over to line up for Meet and Greet and met people from the internets (as you do). They were wonderfully awesome.

Meet and Greet )

Foxy Shazam )

fun. )

Panic! )

Setlist )

So, in summary. I AM IN LOVE (and want new Panic!GSF... and may be writing a Brendon/Dallon/Spencer fic. I DON'T KNOW. Also... someone rec me some Spencer/Brendon drummer!fic). AND [ profile] pikasafire admitted that Panic was more fun than MCR (mostly because the pit wasn't as viscous and she stayed in it but STILL!!!!!) lol

Annnd that's all. So, now to bed so i can drive a million hours to New York City tomorrow >.

SBB Time!

May. 7th, 2011 08:46 pm
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Okay, guys! Since the first draft of my BBB is in and only needs to be edited now (which shouldn't actually take too long), it's time to focus on SBB. Luckily, the word count is only 8k, which is absolute cake, really, once I get a plot.

So...Bandom folks in space. Yay!

I need ST TOS inspiration (I'm currently working through my TOS dvds, but that takes a while and I am easily distracted)). So! What TOS tropes, settings, etc. are your favorites?

(Other than tribbles. Tribbles are a given. And Cardassian Sunrises. And Fizzbin.)
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Because....well, I don't know. I stumbled across this and figured "why the hell not."

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll tell you the premise or paste you a tidbit for any of these.

WIP titles )


Apr. 12th, 2011 06:00 pm
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I KNOW there is still over two weeks before drafts are due for [ profile] bandombigbang. And I know they pushed it back a day....

But OMG. I think I might have to pull out of wave one. I mean, I could, in theory, still get at least MOSTLY finished by then...but IDK. Right now I have just under 8,000 words of the 20,000 that I need...and most of those words are actually not-fic right now just so I know where I'm going. I'm sure it would hit 20,000 if I could actually bring myself to write it.

But OMG it's HARD.

I should have begged someone to write with me.

Blah. So how is everyone else doing in the writing department at the moment?
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Heaven help me.

I'm about to sign up for both waves of [ profile] bandombigbang. Because I clearly have nothing but time on my hands. Especially when I'll be starting field placement in May. But there's at least a month between the deadlines for BBB wave 1, SBB, and BBB wave 2 so. Should be completely possible.

I think I've lost my mind. But maybe serious deadlines will like...MAKE me write shit. Who knows. Wish me luck.

Oh, and happy single awareness day. Or Lupercalia if you know the history of what we now know as a marketing gimmick. Yeah, no, I'm not bitter. ;) Actually, I'm in a good mood. I got a PINK HEDGEHOG BEANIE BABY! PINK. HEDGEHOG! His name is "Smitten" on the tag. I'm contemplating naming him "Hartley" in honor of the awesomely bad horror movies we watched tonight.

Yes, I'm easily amused.
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Title: Seeing The Side of Me You Should
Pairing: pre-Brendon/Spencer, past-Jon/Spencer
Rating: PG (maybe PG-13 for language, if you want to be super specific)
Warnings: Language, hazing (no physical abuse)
Summary: This made absolutely no sense; what would his phone have to do with walking the...two miles or so back to campus in the rain? Hell, Spencer didn't even know where Brendon had started walking from in the first place. Who would...then it started to click. It was the beginning of April, Hell Week.
Word Count: 3870
Disclaimer: Blatant, bold-faced lies. I don’t know anyone mentioned and while Theta Xi is a real fraternity, I’m not insinuating anything about their hazing practices. I’m sure they follow all the rules and everything.
AN: This was supposed to be for [ profile] hc_bingo for the prompt hazing. Obviously, I missed the deadline. I couldn’t just let go of a nearly finished fic though so I decided I had to finish it and just post it during amnesty (sort of like I want to do with the hooker!Nate fic).
Giant thanks AS ALWAYS to [ profile] pikasafire for the beta and cheerleading and making me write in the first place. I’d never finish anything without her! <3

Title from “Maybe” by Sick Puppies

Spencer was having a shit day... )
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I just want to ramble, so that's what I'm going to do.

1. Pete and Ashlee's break up. :( I feel really bad for all of them (Pete, Ashlee, Bronx) but I'm hoping it really is as amicable as it seems and they all end up happier for it. Also, I have read some insane things from some really crazy fans and just...really? I know I'm a fangirl, but can we have a little bit of respect please? Also. if I see someone quoting "Would you rather be a widow or a divorcee" ONE MORE FUCKING TIME I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

2. I am distraught by the lack of Spencer Smith in everything Panic does. I get that Brendon's the front man and I adore the kid, but seriously. The "Making of..." For "Mona Lisa" I think has him saying "Hi, I'm Spencer" and "The first single for our new album." I didn't used to care so much, but...there's only two of them, give Spencer some camera time.

3. Panic's doing a UK tour in April. That's all good and well for the kids in the UK but does nothing for me. I know, I know, we'll probably get a summer tour. I don't care. I want to see them like...immediately after the new album comes out.

4. Once again, cannot take critiques seriously when they write Brendon's name as Brandon. Once is a typo; four times makes your argument invalid based on general stupidity. Saw two that did that yesterday.

5. GOT TICKETS FOR TRAVIE with BLACK CARDS, BAD RABBITS... and some other people...for MARCH 20 IN TOWSON! I'm SO fucking excited! Katie's going with me again and apparently her goals are to manage to touch Travie McCoy and hopefully find a way to show Pete Wentz I have Fall Out Boy lyrics on my wrist. She's a good friend. >.>

I'm still not going to do any work. No, really. You know that point in the day where you realize and have to come to terms with the fact that you are NOT going to accomplish anything else? Yes, I am there. I think I was there at about 10 a.m. And I still have class tonight. Joy. So...Time to find another way to occupy my time. Text me or something! ;)
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[ profile] spacebigbang
to infinity and beyond...

You guys. You guys. I'm actually doing a bigbang. Let's hope I actually finish this instead of just lollygagging around like I did with [ profile] hc_bingo.

So! [ profile] spacebigbang....Basically it's going to be bandom kids in space...specifically the TOS 'verse. There will be tribbles! And Mikey the andriod because Gerard wanted a brother! And faily!Panic/TYV as gangsters! And Pete as Pete! And Cobra distracted by all manner of snazzy space shit. IDEK. But I'm blaming [ profile] pikasafire for showing it to me and then encouraging me...she's awesome that way. <3

So! You guys should go sign up so I'll have more people to whine with/to!


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