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The person who asked the other person on the date. Inviter pays for invitee on a first date, seems fair.
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Okay. I CAN'T resist answering this one.

Here's the thing. I'm a smoker. I know my smoking affects nonsmokers in a negative way. This is why I try NOT to smoke around nonsmokers. If I DO smoke around them, I try to make sure I'm standing where it doesn't blow in their face and I purposely blow smoke AWAY from them. I don't mind not smoking in restaurants, bars, or anywhere else indoors. Trapping nonsmokers in an area with smoke when they elect not to pick up that particular bad habit isn't fair to them. Seriously, you can ask people I know. I'm very careful about my smoking around nonsmokers. I EVEN ASK IF THEY MIND if I smoke in MY OWN car when they are in it. If they say they mind, I don't do it.

I know I'm ruining my own health but I don't want to take anyone else down with me.

So, I'm a nice smoker. Don't judge me for my addiction when I'm TRYING MY HARDEST not to hurt anyone else (I fully plan on quitting the day I decide to have a baby).

However. Outlawing smoking on city streets is pointless.

Sorry guys. I realized this got a LOT longer than I expected. If you caught it before the cut, I apologize. )

So, go ahead and outlaw smoking on the streets. And then go ahead and outlaw it all together. But remember what happened when alcohol was outlawed during Prohibition and also don't bitch when your taxes go up. It's the necessary evil of doing away with a significant source of tax revenue. I, on the other hand, will take up some other bad habit that will slowly kill me...and not notice the tax increase because I've been paying it since I was 18 anyway.
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The only reason I want to answer this is because I HATE Truth or Dare, I always did. Not because I didn't/don't want to answer questions or do stupid things (which I really don't, but if you play that's what you do) but because I could NEVER think up good dares or questions. And we ALWAYS played with Truth, Dare, or Consquence (because my friends were BABIES). I always ended up saying shit like " could...Fuck. I don't know. Derrick, what should I make them do? You're creepy, come up with something!"

It was a horribly boring and annoying experience. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who felt that way in high school, considering how much the band always ended up playing it on trips.

I'm just glad we've all outgrown it. I'm no more inventive with dares/truths than I was eight years ago when I was 16.

Okay. Back to BBB and trying to track down MCR tickets for DC.


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