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Basically, to prove I'm still alive, here's something I swiped from [ profile] babykid528

Looking back.... )
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She is neither shocked nor upset. She beat all the other girls so she's still entitled to be smug.

And you ALL know what that means. I'm picspamming our winner

(that's so much easier than doing all the manual coding for it *is lazy*)

Now, let's get to the part we've all been waiting for, right? (I'm kinda bummed I don't get to picspam Brendon because I have SO many more pics of him saved but I'm thinking I've got enough for this. :)

Now it might sound cocky, but is it really cocky if you know that it's true? )

Thanks to everyone who voted! Love you guys! You made this a lot more fun than I thought it'd be! <3
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And we finally come to the end of the road.

Okay, yesterday's? That was totally a tight race! It was so close! For a few hours I though I might end up with a three-way tie and we'd go into SUDDEN DEATH ROUND (I don't know what that is, but I would have come up with something if I had to). Instead, we're biddnig farewell to adorable and fiesty Kristen Bell. She had a good run and really gave Zoe a run for her money.

Doesn't mean she's not going to show you what you're missing by voting her out!

Regretting your votes yet?

Good, you shouldn't be because this? This is so absolutely CONVENIENT for me. We're down to CO-STARS! The new Kirk and Uhura...If I shipped het all that often, I'd ship them because, seriously, they're hot like burning. ANYWAY. We're down to the gorgeous Pine and elegant Saldana. I think I know how this one's going to go...but I've been wrong SO many times that I'm not even going to try calling it.

And then there were two )

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A day late because I was on an adventure to see The Young Veins and Rooney yesterday. So, a day late, but the results are the same. Today, we're saying goodbye to...Dierks Bentley. He's pretty much my last tie-in to my country music, country girl pride era or whatever.

He's not all that bothered, he's just going to spend time with his kid.


For the first time in five rounds, our gorgeous women out number our sexy men. Can they keep it up or will the guys hold on and level the playing field again?

Pics this way )

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Contrary to popular belief, 7 is not always a lucky number. It wasn't for our last remaining drummer, Nate Novarro. And he is in SHOCK. Because he's tiny and cute and uber-talented.


But that's okay because he has something even better than Bob's puppy; He has an ALEX. I think he'll be all right.

We're down to six! And again, our male:female ratio has evened out! Where will the votes fall this time? Will Dierks, who has been in the bottom three for days now lose out? Will Brendon's adorkable nature finally fail him? Will Scarlett have hair a little too weird? Will Kristen and Chris and Zoe continue to stay safely in the top three? We shall see, we shall see.

I'm an idiot...but I've fixed my coding error and now Chris' pic is up with the rest )

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(Posting now because I'm hoping to be in bed before midnight tonight. It prob won't happen)

My F-List has voted and it's the end of the road for....Spencer Smith, Drumming Sex God...even if that's a hard title to claim when I cram him on a list with Bob Bryar and Nate Navarro. He puts his full support in the hottness of bandmate Brendon Urie (as he usually does). So, Yeah...Bye, Spence. Much as I love you, my FList has other ideas.

(Gif just so I can have it to stare at while working...don't judge me.)


On With The Remaining Nine )

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