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OKAY! Three days later, I'm finally going to post about Panic! at the Disco and Patrick and Foxy Shazam from Halloween. Seriously, this show was the most ridiculous and amazing thing ever. I already posted a really rambly thing on my Tumblr that I'm basically just going to c/p into this with added pictures.

The post is pretty image heavy behind the cuts so, just be aware of that. I tried to get rid of the really shitty pics but I'm not claiming my abilities as a photographer don't equate to something similar to my seven-year-old nephew's abilities to write a sonnet. Also, I tried to keep them in order, but I was alternating using my phone and camera so I make no promises. (Also, if I have your M&G pic, and you haven't gotten it yet, yell at me and I'll send you the link)

Okay. For anyone who follows me on Twitter, I’m almost sorry I bombarded you livetweeting the whole thing. But it was AWESOME.

Pre-show )

Foxy Shazam - mehs )

Patrick Stump is a sassy motherfucker )

Panic! at the Disco! Woo! (!!!!!!! for good measure) )

Then my camera completely died and my phone decided it had enough battery to tweet but not take pictures. Which is cool, it was the end anyway.

So, that's all I remember and is in no particular order. I have these weird concert blackouts where I forget everything about 15 minutes after I walk out the door, even when completely sober. Tweeting seemed to help, so there's that.

I feel ridiculously accomplished for actually remembering to post about a show. Maybe one day I'll post Travie, Black cards, MCR, Blink, and GCH pics. Probably not, but don't burst my bubble.

I should go do real work now...or at least fake it a little better.

LOVE! Hopefully, I'll remember to be around LJ more often. ♥
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So I picked [ profile] pikasafire at the airport then we drove to Pittsburgh...where we promptly got LOST and could SEE the hotel but had no idea how to get to it. But we finally made it! And it's WAY nicer than anything we need but whatever.

Then we went to some random place for dinner where I hardly ate anything from heat, not eating all day, or nerves (probably nerves). Then we headed over to line up for Meet and Greet and met people from the internets (as you do). They were wonderfully awesome.

Meet and Greet )

Foxy Shazam )

fun. )

Panic! )

Setlist )

So, in summary. I AM IN LOVE (and want new Panic!GSF... and may be writing a Brendon/Dallon/Spencer fic. I DON'T KNOW. Also... someone rec me some Spencer/Brendon drummer!fic). AND [ profile] pikasafire admitted that Panic was more fun than MCR (mostly because the pit wasn't as viscous and she stayed in it but STILL!!!!!) lol

Annnd that's all. So, now to bed so i can drive a million hours to New York City tomorrow >.
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OMG YOU GUYS. My Chemical Romance last night!!!! I'm STILL INCOHERNET WITH GLEE!!!!!!!

This should be a review but is really just a ramble. Cut for my non-bandom FList kids. You're welcome. )

Miz put the set-list on my phone and I promised I'd post it. I meant to earlier, but I LITERALLY just got home from Placement/Work.

Set List )

Most incoherent ramble ever. Seriously, track down someone else who went if you want to ACTUALLY know how it was.
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Oh PANIC. Be more campy than anyon imagined! I love it. Another "let's see how ridiculous we can get" video where Shane Drake let's the crazy take over.

Thisis where I gush. Cut because I'm such a nice person )

Okay, back to research.
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I HIT OVER 10K for BBB today! That's when you take out all the not!fic parts! So yay!!!! Thank you to everyone who was super encouraging on my last post. You guys rock and you're totally going to rock your big bangs!

In honor of hitting the halfway mark and no long feeling like I'm going to fail this (even if there are AT LEAST 6 more scenes that will probably take this to around 30K if I'm not careful), I'm picspamming Panic.

I had a breakthrough where I really developed a specific setting for my big bang and now I feel super compelled to post a bunch of Vices & Virtues pics. Some are promos, some are from the Bundles they sold....

These have a purpose to ME and it'll probably make sense eventually, but it's more my need to have all my "costuming" pics in one place. ;)

I'm only into steampunk for the clothing choices. Keep it chic, boys. )

No idea why I captioned with song lyrics, especially such random ones. Just go with it. Also, you're welcome ;)

And I should have been in bed 2 hours ago since I have a training at like 9...and therefore have to be up at 6. Oh well. Good night, kiddies! <3
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Let's talk about the fact that Spencer Smith should stick to drumming and not look for a career in Hollywood. Also, Brendon's receding hairline, which is oddly adorable. This kid. He defies logic.

And the not so thinly veiled references to the "Divorce."

Oh Panic. Never change. Keep the ridiculous theatrics going.

Also, "Let's Kill Tonight" is already becoming one of my favorite songs. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FUCKING ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just want to ramble, so that's what I'm going to do.

1. Pete and Ashlee's break up. :( I feel really bad for all of them (Pete, Ashlee, Bronx) but I'm hoping it really is as amicable as it seems and they all end up happier for it. Also, I have read some insane things from some really crazy fans and just...really? I know I'm a fangirl, but can we have a little bit of respect please? Also. if I see someone quoting "Would you rather be a widow or a divorcee" ONE MORE FUCKING TIME I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

2. I am distraught by the lack of Spencer Smith in everything Panic does. I get that Brendon's the front man and I adore the kid, but seriously. The "Making of..." For "Mona Lisa" I think has him saying "Hi, I'm Spencer" and "The first single for our new album." I didn't used to care so much, but...there's only two of them, give Spencer some camera time.

3. Panic's doing a UK tour in April. That's all good and well for the kids in the UK but does nothing for me. I know, I know, we'll probably get a summer tour. I don't care. I want to see them like...immediately after the new album comes out.

4. Once again, cannot take critiques seriously when they write Brendon's name as Brandon. Once is a typo; four times makes your argument invalid based on general stupidity. Saw two that did that yesterday.

5. GOT TICKETS FOR TRAVIE with BLACK CARDS, BAD RABBITS... and some other people...for MARCH 20 IN TOWSON! I'm SO fucking excited! Katie's going with me again and apparently her goals are to manage to touch Travie McCoy and hopefully find a way to show Pete Wentz I have Fall Out Boy lyrics on my wrist. She's a good friend. >.>

I'm still not going to do any work. No, really. You know that point in the day where you realize and have to come to terms with the fact that you are NOT going to accomplish anything else? Yes, I am there. I think I was there at about 10 a.m. And I still have class tonight. Joy. So...Time to find another way to occupy my time. Text me or something! ;)
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I know, there are about 30 posts I could comment on about this right now, but I'm too flaily and felt it would be better to just do my own instead of clutter other people's with all my nonsense.

PANIC! RELEASED A CLIP OF THEIR NEW SONG!!!! I still wish I could have come up with am excuse for work and someone to go with me to NYC to see them on Feb 1st, but I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope for a fucking leak. Whatever. The rest of "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" (Which is not a ballad, keep the pretentiousness alive, Panic!) comes out Feb. 1st and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. I AM FLAILING WITH GLEE!!!

Allow me to give a 30second clip entirely too much thought and far too many exclaimation marks

I'll even cut it so no one wants to kill me )

Okay. I'm done. I need to go crash because, while I'm hoping for a snow day, we probably won't get one and I need to be up for work in less than five hours.


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