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MERRY CHRISTMAS [ profile] dr_jasley

Title: Christmas, Maybe
Characters: Spencer, Ray, Gerard, Mikey, Gabe, Frank, Brendon
Pairing: Gen with background Brendon/Frank/Gabe
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mention of reactions that could be considered PTSD, mention of past minor character death (non-explicit), profanity
Summary: After the disaster the past year has been, Spencer dreads Christmas even more than usual. Gerard, however, is all about the Christmas Spirit. It’s a problem.
Word Count: ~3,000
Disclaimer: I deal in lies.
AN: Christmas present for [ profile] dr_jasley (hope you like it, bb)! This is a one-shot from somewhere in the middle of a ‘verse we’re working on (short title: Spy AU). The ‘verse hasn’t been posted anywhere yet, but we’re in love with it so it will absolutely show up one day. I think all you need to know for this is that Gabe, Frank, and Brendon are in a relationship. The trio and Spencer went “underground” after some work mishaps and were taken in by Mikey, Gerard, and Ray. It should make sense on its own, though. If not, I’m sorry but hope you enjoy it anyway!

Gerard has decked the motherfucking halls. Literally. )
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MERRY CHRISTMAS [ profile] theletterelle

Title: Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned Teaching Kindergarten
Pairing: Gen with hints of pre-Gerard/Frank
Rating: So very G
Warnings: Crying children, if you want to be warned for that.
Summary: The last day before Christmas Break should be easy for Gerard and his teacher’s aide, Frank. Teaching kindergarten, though, means never having a dull day. It wouldn’t be Gerard’s classroom if Victoria wasn’t biting Gabe, William and Adam weren’t trying to steal Ryland, Greta and Lindsey weren’t hording crayons, and Brendon wasn’t crying while Spencer glared at everyone.
Word Count: ~3,200
Disclaimer: I deal in lies.
AN: For [ profile] theletterelle as a Christmas present! She wanted bandom in kindergarten, which is the most adorable thing EVER. I hope you like it, bb! <3 [ profile] saxihighlandck helped me with a title, because she can work wonders.

Oh, God. Victoria bit Gabe again. )


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